Aloha, Society for Human Resource Management Hawaii: New Media & the Workplace

By Barbra Pleadwell & Stella Edralin (Saberfort)

Mahalo SHRM Hawaii, for hosting us today and asking us to present “Effective Use of New Media in the Workplace, Avoiding Social Media Fiascos.” When we present on this topic, it forces us to update our knowledge about all things emerging online and how it relates to the workplace.

SHRM Hawaii Conference 2010: Keynote speaker Eric Winegardner (VP, client adoption,, right) joins afternoon presentation on New Media in the Workplace. (S. Edralin, middle; B. Pleadwell, left)

Addressing new media in the workplace, especially social media, is a team effort. The HR, Communication (public relations, advertising, marketing), Legal and IT departments should be coordinating messages, training and crisis response. New media holds tremendous opportunity for building brands, engaging constituents, crisis management (natural disasters) and employee communication. Wise and effective use of the medium should include a review of compliance issues (financial and retail sectors especially) as well as liability risks.

Especially for talks about new media, we try not to use traditional handouts. Rather, we use the online medium to provide a number of resources. Here are the online resources we mentioned in our talk with SHRM Hawaii today:

Better Business Bureau Small Business Advice: Five Tips for Ensuring Social Media Success in 2010 (Guide to social media)

Social Media Club Hawaii

Learn to stay safe online – National Cyber Security Alliance homepage

PBS documentary digital world

For some educational, yet funny videos on staying safe online, check out:

Don’t Be a Billy





Clip from the South Park FaceBook/SNS episode.

Time Magazine (YouTube’s 50 Best Videos).

CBS News Story: “Copy Machines, a Security Risk?”

Information videos about Facebook’s privacy settings.

Tips and advice for being safe online.

How to report cyber attacks.


To contact Stella Edralin:

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We welcome you to post your own resources on the topic of new media and the workplace.

We credit National Cyber Security Alliance (H&P client) for most of the resources used for our training on cybersecurity. We also acknowledge the Anti-Phishing Working Group for bringing together a convention of online brands known across the nation to launch the campaign: STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

Video clips from SHRM Hawaii presentation:

Stella clip on SNS.

Barbra clip on new media rules of engagement.


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