Rising Above the Snark—Part 5


With the advancement of technology it seems the rumor mill keeps churning as if it were powered by rocket fuel. However, we should take responsibility for ourselves to be civil and share words of encouragement as opposed to words of ridicule or hate.

This Wisconsin news anchor responded to a very critical and inappropriate viewer comment with precision and grace.

Jennifer Livingston

After being attacked by a viewer for her weight, Jennifer Livingston of WKBT News 8 This Morning responded on-air, ending with this inspiring statement:

“I leave you with this: To all of the children out there who feel lost, who are struggling with your weight, with the color of your skin, your sexual preference, your disability, even the acne on your face, listen to me right now. Do not let your self-worth be defined by bullies. Learn from my experience — that the cruel words of one are nothing compared to the shouts of many.”

Thank you, Ms. Livingston for showing us that self-worth comes from within; and for that, we are proud to present you the first ever “Snark Free Award.”

Snark Free Day is TOMORROW. Are you ready to take up the challenge to lose the snark for 24 hours? If so, tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #losethesnark.

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Rising Above the Snark—Part 4


These celebrities had a clever response to some snarky, lurking paparazzi!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Now this is a power couple if I ever saw one. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield gave the paparazzi something to talk about before they could come to their own conclusions. The signs say,

“We just found out that there are paparazzi outside the restaurant that we were eating in. Why not take this opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it? www.wwo.org; www.gildasclubnyc.org Have a great day!”

Nicely done. What a way to shine some positive light and provide those snarky paparazzi with some real news!

Snark Free Day is a mere FOUR days away. Share with us on Facebook or Twitter how you’ve dealt with a snark shark, using the hashtag #losethesnark.

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Rising Above the Snark—Part 3


Today’s blog features Grammy Award winner Adele Dazeem and her epic response to critics commenting on her weight.


Speaking of Adele Dazeem, the real Adele kept her cool when responding to criticism about her weight by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld in 2012. Lagerfeld commented that Adele was “a little too fat,” but the British superstar held her own, saying “I never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.” Hey, if I had that many Grammy’s, I’d stick it to Lagerfeld too.

Snark Free Day is just FIVE days away. Don’t be a snark shark! Take the pledge to be snark free on October 21, 2014. Join in the conversation on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #losethesnark.


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Rising Above the Snark—Part 2


Rather than responding with snark, Idina Menzel displayed kindness when John Travlota butchered her name at the Oscars.

John Travolta and Idina Menzel

If you have children or surround yourself with anyone between the ages of 4 and 24, you probably know the song “Let it Go” from Disney’s crazy-popular movie “Frozen.” You may also know that John Travolta royally messed up the name of Broadway’s current queen, the honorable Idina Menzel, at this year’s Oscars ceremony.

Thousands of Menzel fans criticized Travolta for mistakenly calling her “Adele Dazeem,” but both handled the situation civilly and professionally. Travolta apologized profusely and said, “Idina is incredibly talented and I am so happy ‘Frozen’ took home two Oscars Sunday night!” Menzel remained calm too, responding, “He was really gracious and sent this gorgeous email. We’re buddies and it’s all cool.”

Snark Free Day is SIX days away. Take the pledge to lose the snark on October 21, 2014. Encourage your friends to do the same Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to include the hashtag #losethesnark.

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Rising Above the Snark—Part I

We live in a day and age where haters and trolls lurk in every corner of the Internet. Just pay a visit to one of Twitter’s trending pages and you’ll find a flurry of snarky tweets. When the going gets tough and Internet snarks get tougher, it’s important to keep your head up and rise above the negativity.

Today, we’re launching a five-part blog series about public figures that have taken some serious heat but took the high road and responded with civility rather than snark.

Miss America 2014: Nina Davaluri


When Nina Davaluri was crowned last year as the first Indian-American Miss America, the social media world went nuts with rude and racist comments about her Indian heritage. In response to the backlash Nina graciously stated, “I have to rise above that,” and “I’m so proud of the younger generations for really stepping up to those comments because for every one negative comment tweet or post I received hundreds if not thousands of words of positive remarks and support and encouragement.” Davaluri’s words remind us that our comments on social media reach more than just our close friends so we should be mindful and share only positive posts on the web.

Snark Free Day is SIX days away. What’s the snarkiest thing someone has ever said to you? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #losethesnark.

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Life Of A PR Intern Week Four

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

H&P is assisting The Lyman Museum and Mission House with marketing and outreach. The museum/mission house, located in downtown Hilo, was originally the home of New England Missionaries, David and Sarah Lyman. The Lyman Museum, one of only four museums in Hawaii part of the American Alliance of Museums, has some interesting exhibits and information for residents and visitors alike. I recently took a guided tour, led by Bruce McClure, and found that one can learn quite a bit about Hilo within an hour.

In addition to the traditional mission home, the museum has two galleries and features a variety of special exhibits. One exhibit, the John Howard Pierce: Photographs of Hawaii Island 1958-1969, features photographs taken by Pierce on Hawaii Island with a call-to-action-help identify the photos! Through his photos, Pierce, a former Hawaii Tribune-Herald reporter and Lyman Museum curator, brought alive the history of the 1960′s, a time when Hawaii transitioned from being a territory to an official state.

Mr. Casil, the saxophone player in the center, came to Hawai'i from Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

As business professionals here in Hawaii, it is important that we take the time to understand and learn the history of our islands. ONe image in particular taken by Pierce captures the essence of old Hawaii. In the picture above stands Alfredo Casil, an immigrant part of the 1946 Sakadas, the last large group of Filipinos recruited to work the sugar plantations. It is said that Mr. Casil was offered a musician job in Honolulu. However, being a man of his word he turned down the offer honoring his agreement to work on Hawaii Island. This photo and Mr. Casil’s story has helped viewers and museum curators gain a better understanding into the larger story of Filipino immigration to Hawaii.

Hawaii, like a traditional grass hula skirt, is the sum of many parts woven together. There are many strands that make up a grass skirt and no matter where they are, there is still a connection to place. Our history and blending of cultures is what holds the community-or in this case the grass skirt-together.

As an intern working alongside some of Hawaii’s PR professionals, I have learned to appreciate how much of Hawaii’s unique history and culture are taken into consideration when doing anything; these are guides that help determine how to interact with the community today. Hawaii’s past is the key to understanding how to positively build the future of Hawaii.

For more information regarding The Lyman Museum and Mission House please visit their website at, http://lymanmuseum.org/

Me ke aloha,


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Life Of A PR Intern Week Three

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

This Week I had the opportunity to work out of the H&P Oahu office. The Oahu office, located in the heart of downtown Honolulu, has a different atmosphere then that of Hilo; it’s in the middle of the state’s capitol, where there is more “action in terms of news and social events. Time flies by here, especially in the life of PR.

I have made progress in pitching a spokesperson from Partners in Development Foundation Hui Ho’omalu and in the process, have learned more about Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Clubs. In doing my research and following up with contacts, I have a greater appreciation for the art of networking.

In Hawaii, the “aloha spirit” runs through the fabric of society. As an intern at a smaller, boutique firm, I have learned to appreciate some of the perks of a more intimate environment. At H&P, the staff and interns work closely, allowing the team to continuously build and strengthen relationships while getting good work done. Relationships extend beyond just work; there is a genuine interest to really know one another, which leads a more effective and efficient work environment because we can anticipate the wants and needs of others. Some of us would consider this type of sincerity to be the “aloha spirit.” This “aloha spirit” is really the art of networking.

Networking goes beyond interacting on social media; it’s about going outside of your comfort zone to, making contact and forging new connections with others. The Chamber and Rotary Clubs are examples of networking between businessmen and women. Groups like the Rotary Clubs use their organization to network both internally and externally. Internally, members look for ways to support each other and promote their fellow Rotarian. Externally, Rotary Clubs often seek out different organizations to present to membership. The speakers series is an opportunity to expand one’s network and learn more about what’s going on in the community.

As a young adult, I have learned to value the relationships I have with the others around me. The “aloha spirit” is not just a cultural way of life it is a way of embracing your strengths and sharing with others your mana’o or knowledge with the others around you. through the use of the “aloha spirit” we are able to network easily with the others within our community.

Hawaii, much like a lei, is a series of different colored flowers, which represent people, woven together, continuously learning and thriving off of one another.

Me ke aloha,



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Loss for Hawaii: Brain gain suffers, again

Dean John Pezzutto of UH-Hilo College of Pharmacy (UHH) is resigning at the end of 2014.

What a great loss to our community.

We are fortunate he stayed to fight through the Legislative process to get funding to build the College of Pharmacy building.  It was a daunting process, as things often are, here, in Hawaii.

For a man of Pezzutto’s stature and international reputation in the pharmacy field, it must have seemed like he was swimming in jello.

Let’s hope he’s laid a strong enough foundation that we won’t see an exodus of the other fine professors and researchers he lured to UHH.

The College of Pharmacy, now called Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy, is not only an important resource for Hawaii, but for all the Pacific Region.

-Barbara Hastings

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H&P welcomes to the team Kawena Carvalho-Mattos!

E komo mai, Kawena!

Kawena Carvalho-Mattos joins H&P as an account coordinator charged with digital communication and social media tactics.

She will assist with online strategies and help clients determine the most useful platforms to get their messages across.

Carvalho-Mattos began as an intern with H&P in January 2014. She graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a B.A. in communication. She will pursue a graduate degree in the fall.

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Life Of A PR Intern Week One

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

This week, the H&P team has been assisting Partners in Development Foundation, Hui Hoʻomalu program. This program assists in finding temporary homes for Hawaii’s foster children. The ultimate goal is to have a child reunite with his or her family. According to the State Department of Human Services (DHS), there are approximately 1,200 children in Hawaii’s foster care system and an estimated 67 percent of children are reunited with their families.

June is National Reunification Month. This year, DHS is honoring Randy and Vivian Kim Seu, Family Drug Court and Child Welfare Services on Oahu.

From left to right in the back row is Vivian, Savannah and Randy. From left to right in the front row is Anthony, Angel, Josephine, and Devin.

A luncheon will be held this Friday, June 20 in honor of the Kim-Seu’s as well as individuals and organizations that support families during the reunification process. The Kim Seu’s hope that their  story can be an inspiration to other families who are struggling to get through the rehabilitation process. Randy works as a laborer/construction worker and Vivian works part-time at Palolo Housing, where the family resides.

Among the many other things I have learned this week, taking time to appreciate your family is definitely something all of us need to keep in mind. As we lead our stressful busy lives, don’t forget to stop and take a look back at the people you come home to. I will be assisting to see this project through in the next few weeks. I will be writing a media advisory for the event to be held this friday as well as pitching family/PIDFHH spokesperson on a speakers circuit.

For more on the Kim-Seu’s journey listen to this, a feature piece by Wayne Yoshioka of Hawaii Public Radio by clicking here. http://hpr2.org/post/june-national-reunification-month. A press release on the family can also be found on our website by clicking here. http://hastingsandpleadwell.com/press_releases/oahu-couple-reunites-children-honored-national-reunification-month/.

Me ke aloha,


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