Career Shadowing at H&P

Shannon with H&P Staff at Mei Sum

Recently Pearl City High School started a new program called “Senior Project.” Projects can be career based, skill based, or service based. The program’s purpose is to allow a student, such as myself, to explore something new and discover future possibilities. I chose career based.

As the time of project proposals were approaching, I pondered what I wanted out of this experience and how it would truly benefit me. I wanted to explore a career of interest, gain experience that would help in my future and would give me motivation. I chose public relations.

Public relations has always struck me as an interesting career because it’s all about communicating with the public. I love the idea of helping others promote their cause, business, or company. I asked Hastings & Pleadwell if I could intern/career-shadow at their public relations firm and they gladly arranged it for a month. They made my experience worthwhile.

On the first day, I learned a great deal about the company through the awards they have won, what they have achieved since establishment, and how the company began. I loved the atmosphere. I got to see firsthand how they handled their clients and how they handled their business. They let me experience things that a public relations professional does: meetings with a client, researching/writing press releases, keeping up with current news, and keeping track of a client (past, present, and future).

Overall, this experience has led me to believe that it is a career choice worth pursuing. I have gained perspective and have been given useful advice throughout the process that I know will come in handy.

Thank you to the entire Hastings & Pleadwell staff: Both partners, Barbara Hastings and Barbra Pleadwell, Kayla, Kayleen, and Kimberly. You have truly helped me with my future, as a high school senior.

-Shannon Kaminaga


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