Don't Dump on Hawaii — 2004

City & County of Honolulu, Department of Environmental Services
“Don’t Dump on Hawai‘i” •
Refuse Division

At the start of the campaign, illegal dumping on O‘ahu was described as “somewhat or very serious” by 91% of residents in a survey by Ward Research.  Yet 91% said they had never reported a dumping incident.  This campaign required more than just a change of heart, or modification of individual human behavior.  Illegal dumping is an issue dependent on group interaction, collaboration and critical group thinking – shifting a cultural norm.

Hastings & Pleadwell helped the City & County (C&C) partner with key media outlets (KHON, KSSK) to establish and sustain a meaningful dialogue about illegal dumping on O‘ahu.  Campaign elements included: TV spots (2) in heavy rotation on KHON (Channel 2) during the month of April; radio spots (8) aired on KSSK, and the powerful Perry & Price Posse taking calls from the public about the issue; print ads (1) detailing City services for proper disposal of solid waste; online marketing driving traffic to, the City’s online information source for illegal dumping; C&C internal briefings; community outreach (neighborhood boards, etc.); press releases, press kits (fact sheets, backgrounders, profiles, resource lists).

For four weeks, the KHON Aloha ‘Aina segment hosted by Trini Kaopuiki featured a problem related to illegal dumping while offering solution-driven information provided by the C&C and it’s agency partners for this project.

The City collaborated with Kama‘aina Kids on their Opala for Kala/Cash for Trash fundraiser that raised more than $60,000 as part of the campaign.

That April, 169 illegal dumping public service announcements (PSAs) aired on KHON and more than 650 PSA radio spots, mentions, and liners aired on KSSK.  The results of the campaign received “front page editorial real estate,” which had a considerable impact on the City’s ability to engage partners in combating the problem.  All partners expressed satisfaction with the program and a desire to continue participation beyond this campaign.

A telephone survey by Ward Research, conducted at the end of April, found that 62% of those surveyed were familiar with the City’s illegal dumping campaign.  Those people who saw or heard parts of the campaign supported harsher fines and/or penalties for those who dump illegally.  Following the campaign, the City’s Environmental Concern line received more than 155 calls reporting illegal dumping incidents – 140 or which were cleaned up accordingly.


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