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Rachel, H&P intern, on social media for Tobacco-Free Hawaii

As part of my internship with Hastings & Pleadwell (through the University of Hawaii) I helped with social media training for a longtime client, Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii’s (CTFH). Today (Thursday, March 31), we are in Hilo, but “live-streaming” … Continue reading

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No slack for President Obama

It happens all the time, small talk with a reporter pre- and post-interview: Kids, travel, sports, MTV’s Video Music Awards. Since President Obama’s casual conversation about entertainers Taylor Swift and Kanye West was taped and aired, his “jackass” comment continues … Continue reading

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New media opens up new can of words

I recently completed a contract with a major online social networking site.  Let’s call them, “MyFace.”  MyFace, like all major players in Web 2.0, has diversified beyond a mere social networking tool to become a user’s hub for all their … Continue reading

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Hilo residents attend workshop to make sense of new media for business

Nearly 30 participants attended the Hilo workshop on Friday, Jan. 23, 2009 at Hawaii Community College, sponsored by High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), Hawaii Island of Commerce and  National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). The two-hour session focused on how small businesses with limited resources can … Continue reading

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Note to self: Mics are always live

How many times will high-profile people and politicians embarass themselves by saying something off-the-cuff not thinking the nearby mic is live?   The most recent blunder of this sort involves PA Governor, Ed Rendell, commenting at the National Governors’ Conference on the … Continue reading

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