Deposit Beverage Container Program —HI-5

Community Outreach — Issues Management — Advertising — Customer Service Training

Hastings & Pleadwell was hired in December 2005 to craft and execute an overall comprehensive outreach plan. The goals, as with any successful community-based campaign, are to change the public’s attitude, affect people’s actions, and put things in place to sustain this social shift. While we continue to outline the true facts of the program and expose any misconceptions, the long-range objective is to engender a sense to stewardship among our youth.

The state’s Deposit Beverage Container Program, called “HI-5”, offers an incentive—a 5-cent return on deposit—for recycling these containers. The Department of Health works with counties and recycling companies statewide to set up and run redemption centers.

Every year more than 800 million beverage containers are sold in Hawaii—that’s more than 650 for every person in the state!

H&P is charged with developing and managing the program’s statewide earned media and advertising campaign as well as designing and conducting customer service training for staff at redemption centers.