Hawaii Health Information Corporation

Communication Strategy — Media Relation — Messaging — Public Relations

Hawaii Health Information Corporation (HHIC) is Hawaii’s leading healthcare information organization. This private, not-for-profit corporation is an online health portal for the latest data and information related to improving the health of and healthcare services for the people of Hawai‘i. HHIC’s comprehensive database consists of both local and national data and is used to help to shape healthcare policy and educate decision makers and healthcare providers.

H&P helps HHIC to achieve its outreach goals—increase public presence and awareness, establish a relationship with Hawai‘i media and widen reach to the business community. H&P helps orchestrate a proactive public relations campaign that includes increasing HHIC’s data visibility, creating and strengthening new and existing messaging platforms and assisting HHIC staff with community outreach opportunities. These efforts aim to demonstrate HHIC’s value, depth of experience and importance to the future of Hawaii’s health.


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