Hawaii Island United Way

Internal Communications—Training—Community Outreach

Hawaii Island United Way (HIUW) is the Hawaii Island affiliate of the national United Way of America. HIUW touches the lives of one out of every four Big Island residents—approximately 50,000 people in 2005. It provides food, shelter, health care and family support services to all ages and ethnic groups on the island of Hawaii, distributing nearly $900,000 in 2005. Funds come from donations by community leaders, workers, and business partners.

HIUW helped launch the Hawaii Island Teen Court and in 2004 sponsored a major assessment of its island communities. The island-wide organization developed Born Learning, a new empowerment campaign that helps parents and caregivers prepare their pre-school children for success.

H&P worked with HIUW to bolster its newly found image as a results-oriented community leader. Elements included internal communications and training, upgrading print materials, web presence and enhanced community outreach and visibility.