Michael Bennett, MD, Retina Institute of Hawaii

Branding — Internal & External Communications — Web

Since 2004, H&P has served this outstanding surgeon. Dr. Bennett is a vitreo-retinal surgeon, one of a handful of physicians in the islands with this specialty. He treats diseases of the vitreous, macula and retina including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and retinal detachments. Dr. Bennett has brought leading edge technologies to Hawaii. In October 2006, Dr. Bennett co-hosted a conference in Las Vegas where 20 of the leading retina doctors discussed and developed future treatments for diabetes-related diseases and macular degeneration. He has also been asked to the 2007 Pan American Congress in Cancun, Mexico, as a guest speaker.

Hastings & Pleadwell developed all branding components for Dr. Bennett’s Retina Institute of Hawaii. A new logo was designed and applied throughout practice materials, and we developed a practice brochure and other education tools.

H&P overhauled the practice’s website carrying the look and feel of the new brand; the firm continues to manage and update it.

The firm also overview all outreach materials and had developed high-quality collateral pieces for the practice.

Dr. Bennett has been heavily featured in the local press in relation with the FDA approval of promising new drugs for the treatment of blindness caused by macular degeneration and his outreach effort to prevent diabetes-related eye diseases. Dr. Bennett is scheduled to appear in a number of national publications in the next few months including American Fitness and Healthy Aging magazines.