The Big Picture

Hastings & Pleadwell advocates starting with a plan that constructs a well-posted highway. Without clearly articulated goals, clever communication doesn’t travel far. H&P works with clients to produce fresh, sustainable strategies for advancing long and short-term objectives.

Communication Plans that Work

H&P-crafted plans are designed to be used by virtually any member of the organization and are developed with the input from nearly every level. Critical buy-in comes early. Having everyone on the same page focuses the time and energy to develop a campaign or an image. Hastings & Pleadwell supports the plan with training and consultation to ensure that it lives rather than sits. Depending on client resources, our plans are do-it-yourself manuals, fully outsourced outreach, or a combination of the two.

All Avenues of Communicating

From social marketing to corporate campaigns, H&P has a portfolio of award-winning work in all areas of communication: press materials, social media, multi-media advertising campaigns, identity systems, collateral pieces, online marketing, and others.

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