FREE coffee, Ed Kenney grinds, networking, advice on new media (for nonprofits)

You’ve got to hand it to Josh Levinson and his cohorts at Community Links Hawaii, self-described non-profit incubator, for a winning combination to engage that community.  Community Links has launched a new series for leaders and volunteers of mission-driven groups: First Tuesdays.

May’s First Tuesday topic—”Reach Out and Touch Someone: Building Community with New Media.”  I arrive 30 minutes early to go over some details with my fellow panelists…  There would be no such mini-review as Ed Kenney’s downtown @ HiSAM is already full of folks eager to network and learn something new. The optimism and high energy is palpable. I grope toward the coffee line to get on the same wavelength.

Josh begins the program on time. There are so many people crowded into the venue that many are standing… 100+ attendees. No wonder folks come early—to get a seat. There’s also the wonderful fresh gourmet coffee and food; free thanks to Ed.  

The discussion features international journalist Bill Dorman, serendipitously in Honolulu for media strategy work; and Jared Kuroiwa, KGMB9’s director of interactive strategy. I moderate the lively discussion that brings great, informed questions. I’m prompted to further research some of the issues that the group pointed up. Liability issues for content posted on a nonprofit’s Facebook page, for example. 

As we consider the benefits of new media (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and the like) for engaging nonprofit communities, let’s not forget the tried and true formula of good company and free food… tweets not required. 😉 

Some YouTube snipets of our discussion:




What is Community Links?

Community Links Hawaii works to transform promising ideas into projects with a powerful impact for our island communities. Financial, administrative oversight, training, and peer-to-peer learning are core services of this unique nonprofit incubator. Community Links Hawaii offers a nurturing, supportive environment to help social entrepreneurs succeed. Learn more:


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  1. hastingsandpleadwell says:

    Looking forward to more from Bill on media tips for small businesses at his Thursday morning program.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the combo panel discussion and presenter and audience Q&A! Great references and stats, and ono breakfast! Hard to believe MySpace started this 6 years ago-a lifetime in the tech world! Mahalo!

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