On SNS: advice from a graffiti artist, slam poet, singer, flack

H&P partner, Barbra Pleadwell, spoke on the panel  “Tools for Change: The evolution of mass marketing and social media” at the Envision Hawaii conference at the State Capitol this past weekend.  A grafitti artist, a slam poet, a singer/songwriter and a digital media expert made up the diverse panel.

The audience was excited by the potential of social media, and offered up a healthy dose of nerves and questions on how to use tools like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and Myspace to help your business or non-profit.

Before you jump in, you should know how  your targeted audience uses social media. Below is a clip of advice on this aspect of communicating on the web.

These FREE tools have garnered plenty of interest.  Our firm is cautious in how it uses social media tools to advance messages for clients.  It’s important to pay attention to the language you are using on each social media outlet.  In the clip below, Barbra discusses how a message for Twitter, may not be appropriate for Facebook.

Traditional media outlets are integrating these tools to reach more people.  Hawaii News Now is the best example in our local market.

Jared Kuroiwa, director of interactive strategy, is the brains behind social media at Hawaii News Now. Here he talks about the most important rule of social media, be social.

-Kayla Samascott


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