Hawaii Catholic Schools

Branding — Marketing

Hawaii Catholic Schools represents a network of 37 schools on four islands. Hastings & Pleadwell was hired in November 2005 to develop branding and marketing strategies for the Hawaii Catholics Schools system.

Marketing and recruitment programs have received some attention, but have not been the focus of intensive investment of staff or financial resources. Hawaii Catholic Schools as a whole needed a branding and marketing strategy providing creative news ways to attract new students and families.

H&P was hired to assess Hawaii Catholic Schools’s communication and marketing needs and make recommendations as to raise awareness about Catholic education and increase enrollment. H&P began by designing a two-page survey for distribution to School Board Chairs, members of the Diocesan Board of Education, School Directors and Principals, and Pastors. The survey was designed to determine prevailing attitudes and understanding among Hawaii Catholic Schools’ network, as well as needs.

H&P developed a comprehensive communication plan and toolkit addressing communication issues and strategies. The toolkit is designed to give HCS a comprehensive resource and how-to guide to direct and implement their own communication.