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Media Coaching

Hastings & Pleadwell regularly provides media coaching for its clients. Occasionally, we organize more formal half- or full-day media coaching sessions that offer in-depth learning and practice. Our sessions are customized for individuals, businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.


H&P has a healthy respect for responsible news outlets and believe they are an excellent conduit for delivering client messages. We work with our clients to hone their messages and keep them succinct. This helps to avoid misunderstanding between reporters and interviewees.


Each session provides a big picture overview backed up with tangible, practical steps. They are interactive – the more you participate, the better we will be at addressing your particular needs. 


We do not promote “spin” but rather help our clients communicate their messages clearly and carefully, and to answer tough questions as frankly as the situation allows.


H&P often prepares non-retainer clients for media interviews or to respond to press inquiries. Our formal media coaching workshops are open to clients and non-clients.

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