People confuse crisis communication with an issue that has spiraled out of control.  Hastings & Pleadwell works with clients to handle issues appropriately and early in order to avoid reaching critical mass.

That said, there are true crises—natural disasters, accident, injuries, spills, fires, disease outbreaks and the like.  There are also those issues that inexplicably spiraled into crises.

That’s when you grab the crisis communication strategy that you’ve painstakingly prepared and have carefully and regularly updated.  An organization with that kind of preparation will weather a crisis better than one scrambling to figure out who/what/when/where/why.

H&P helps clients identify the steps necessary and the people best to respond to each audience. We’ve worked with both public and private-sector clients with a myriad of crisis containment and response communication—from complex environmental and health controversies,  attacks on business and professional clients, serious financial crises, natural disasters and others.

We are on call to help clients navigate crises and issues surrounding internal problems that could develop into external ones.

Issue management and crisis communication skills at H&P come from experience as well as training. The partners have worked in public affairs for high-profile state agencies that experienced a myriad of controversies, and have worked in media reporting on these issues. A senior member of our team has international reporting experience and sat in the hot seat of a local non-profit economic development agency.

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