Whether for business or non-profits, H&P enjoys crafting public education and outreach campaigns, tailoring messages to the targets and using the best communication tools available, be it a paid ad, media relations, direct marketing, social media or grassroots word-of-mouth. Our model is an inside-out approach, turning an organization’s team members into ambassadors.

We’ve handled a national outreach campaign and launched both statewide and island-specific information and awareness campaigns on services, products and issues.

After H&P advocated a social marketing campaign aimed at promoting a sustained behavior change (make it a cultural norm) the State of Hawaii hired H&P for communication related to the beverage container deposit program.

The firm was contracted by the City & County of Honolulu Department of Environmental Services to develop public outreach for projects such as the city’s curbside recycling program, issues surrounding illegal dumping, and wastewater collection and treatment.

The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii hires H&P for communication services. The firm has worked with the Coalition on a rebrand of CTFH, community outreach and issues management.  H&P led several event marketing initiatives that engaged the entire tobacco control network. H&P was involved in intensive communication efforts leading to the passage of Hawai‘i’s Smoke-Free Law and protecting it from repeal.

We have also worked with organizations whose mission was community-based early childhood advocacy, hospice advocacy and others.  We’ve promoted “Eat Local” for Kanu Hawaii, and have worked with them on their branding.

For the National Cyber Security Alliance, made of the federal government and internet firms including Cisco, Google, Microsoft, our firm launched and orchestrated a national campaign to reach the college-aged.  A collateral web video produced for this project won a Hawaii Advertising Federation Pele Award.

In the ’90s, both Hastings and Pleadwell worked on some of the first Hawai‘i campaigns created by the Department of Health to address smoking. One received a Hawai‘i Advertising Federation’s Pele Award.


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